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LOUNA Lab laboratory examinations measure the blood values that affect your well-being.

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The Active Woman’s Health Values

The package has been tailor-made to examine the impact of physical strain on an active woman’s body, as well as the performance and resilience of the body.

€ 125.00



The Active Man’s Health Values

The package has been tailor-made to examine the active man’s performance and resilience, as well as the impact of physical strain on the body.

€ 125.00



Health Values

The Health Values package provides you with an exact, in-depth overview of your well-being.

€ 89.00

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The health values ​​of an active woman or man provide support for training - now at a discounted price!

Liikkuvan kehon tarpeisiin suunnittelut paketeilla voit mitata tavallisten terveysarvojen lisäksi lihasten aineenvaihduntaan sekä suoritus- ja palautumiskykyyn vaikuttavia arvoja

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How it works

1. Choose tests and packages

LOUNA offers you a selection of examinations. You do not need a referral. You can make an order only for yourself.

2. Schedule a visit to a clinic

LOUNA samples are taken in SYNLAB clinics around Finland.

3. Check your results in My Louna

My LOUNA gives a clear picture of your results and makes it easy to track your health.


Measures and supports your well-being

Be proactive and take care of your health

Choose from wide selection

Choose from the packages or make your own test set

Without Referral

You do not need referral for laboratory

Easy, Fast & Comprehensive

My LOUNA gives you clear results

Always near

With over 20 clinics across Finland

Reliable service provider

We keep your data safe

Customer experiences

The avatar of Jessica Reiman

I exercise for a living, and also my free time is filled with physical activities. This is why recovery is a priority for me. In order to recover effectively, I need to be aware of my blood values. My iron and vitamin levels are of particular interest to me and I want to monitor them regularly. My ferritin levels have been too low for some time and I have taken steps to address this. Through LOUNA it has been easy to monitor these levels and fortunately they have started to go up very well after the measures. Of course, this has also reflected in my well-being and recovery. My vitamin levels have also been very good, according to the results of the studies. I like LOUNA's services because booking, paying, having the procedure and getting the results is so hassle-free and quick. It's also great that you can choose a test package that suits you or even just a single test. Using the website and booking an appointment is easy and often the appointment is very quick. Last time I had a test in the morning and got my results in the evening! A big thank you also to the professional nurses who take the samples with respect for the customer and also for the customers with a fear of spikes!

Jessica Reiman

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