LounaLab service will close June 18th. As of today, products can no longer be purchased there.

All purchased appointments and test results are safe and are available here until the stated date, then transferred to the current SYNLAB service. For more details see the news or contact our representative.

You are valuable

LOUNA Lab laboratory examinations measure the blood values that affect your well-being.

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How it works

1. Choose tests and packages

LOUNA offers you a selection of examinations. You do not need a referral. You can make an order only for yourself.

2. Schedule a visit to a clinic

LOUNA samples are taken in SYNLAB clinics around Finland.

3. Check your results in My Louna

My LOUNA gives a clear picture of your results and makes it easy to track your health.


Measures and supports your well-being

Be proactive and take care of your health

Choose from wide selection

Choose from the packages or make your own test set

Without Referral

You do not need referral for laboratory

Easy, Fast & Comprehensive

My LOUNA gives you clear results

Always near

With over 20 clinics across Finland

Reliable service provider

We keep your data safe

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