LounaLab service will close June 18th. As of today, products can no longer be purchased there.

All purchased appointments and test results are safe and are available here until the stated date, then transferred to the current SYNLAB service. For more details see the news or contact our representative.

LOUNA and data protection

LOUNA is part of SYNLAB Suomi Ltd and its registered trademark. SYNLAB Suomi Ltd is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Here, we tell you about the grounds on which we process your personal data that we may collect when you visit our website and order services. Therefore, we request that you read this description carefully.

See also SYNLAB Suomi Ltd’s data protection practices.

1 What information we collect about you

We may collect and process the following information about you:

Information that you provide to us in the following ways:

  • by visiting the website
  • by filling out forms on our website
  • by purchasing services in the online store
  • by contacting us about the service by telephone, e-mail or other ways
  • by giving your consent

Information that our website and other systems collect about you:

  • Provisioning information for online communications
  • Log data (event data automatically logged into the information system memory)
  • Cookies

Personal data processed in the use of the LOUNA Lab service:

  • Basic information (such as name)
  • Contact information (telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Identification data (personal identity code, customer number)
  • Information concerning the customer relationship (service you use)
  • Information concerning your use of services (such as e-mail, letter, telephone call)
  • Consents, permits and bans
  • Payment-related information
  • User management details (login timestamps)
  • Cookie information (essential, functional, statistics and analytics, marketing)

We may also collect information from other sources. We may collect information from third-party information service providers to protect our business and fulfil our legal obligations, as well as with your cookie consent for possible digital marketing purposes. [Rivityskohta]

2 How we use your information

We will process your personal data only when necessary and for the purposes stated below. When we request you to provide your information, we will tell you whether providing the information is required to meet legal obligations or is optional.


Your consent

Digital marketing and cookies

Agreement on the execution of the service

Purchase of healthcare services


User data management

Transmission of data to SYNLAB Suomi’s patient register for the provision of healthcare services.

Legal obligations

Supply of healthcare services

SYNLAB Suomi’s legitimate interest

Verification, management and development of the functionality of the service

Conduct, security and management of business


  • Essential cookies are a prerequisite for the website and the service to function properly. The cookies enable the use of the service, such as the purchase of test packages and tests and login to the service. You can disable these cookies in your browser settings, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the service correctly.
  • Functional cookies help us improve your experience on the page. By accepting functional cookies, we store, for example, your language selection.
  • We use statistics and analytics cookies to collect information about the use of the website. We use the information to improve the service and the operation of the website.
  • Marketing cookies help us collect information about your online behaviour and help us better target our marketing communications to your preferences and needs.


At the bottom of the website lounalab.fi: Settings > Cookies


You can give your consent to digital marketing in connection with an online purchase, on MyLOUNA or by subscribing to our newsletter. We will only use your email address for digital marketing and the first name you voluntarily provide when subscribing to the newsletter, which may be used in the newsletter greetings. We do not use the information you provide when you buy LOUNA services for marketing. Through the newsletter, we may ask you about your preferences and thereby, with your consent, market some of our services.

You may withdraw your consent to digital marketing on MyLOUNA, by emailing info@lounalab.fi or via the link in the newsletter you receive.

3. Recipients of your data and international data transfer

After obtaining your consent or when it is reasonably mandatory due to the reasons mentioned above, we can disclose your personal data:

  • to service providers that host our website or other IT systems or otherwise hold your data or process it on our behalf subject to strict confidentiality and data security principles
  • to a person that takes over our business operations and the assets of the company or a relevant part thereof, and
  • to a competent regulatory authority, prosecutor or other authorities or counterparties in a legal process in any country or any area or
  • when we are required to do so by law.

The disclosure of data mentioned above can include processing your personal data in another country. The data of the LOUNA Lab service is stored and processed in the European Economic Area. In terms of processing marketing register data, we cannot fully guarantee that the personal data will be processed in the EU in a situation where the service provider has to process the data in connection with system supervision or troubleshooting. When we transfer your personal data to our service providers, we make sure that the arrangement complies with data transfer agreements or mechanisms that aim to make sure that your personal data is protected.

1.4. Storage and erasure of your data

Your personal data will only be processed for as long as is necessary.

The LOUNA Lab online service provides healthcare services to consumers, which is why information related to the provision of the healthcare services must be stored in the patient register according to national legislation. The Finnish Consumer Protection Act provides for the right to cancel the purchase of the service. In the event of cancelling the purchase, the healthcare regulations related to the use of the webshop may not become obligatory to the operator.

More information on organising and implementing patient care can be found in the Patient Register Privacy Policy of SYNLAB Suomi, available at www.synlab.fi/tietosuojaseloste/?lang=en

The data in the marketing register will be retained for as long as necessary for the purpose of the processing or until you withdraw your consent to digital marketing. Contact us for further information about this.

5. Your rights

You have the right to:

  • access your personal data and obtain a copy of your personal data, if necessary.
  • request the rectification, restriction or erasure of your personal data.
  • You can access your personal data saved in the MyLouna service. You can rectify inaccurate information in the service and maintain an digital marketing permit.

You can read more about exercising your rights at www.synlab.fi/tietosuojaseloste/?lang=en

You can also submit a complaint to the national authority, the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, about how we process your personal data. Learn more at www.tietosuoja.fi/en/home

6. Contacts

Contact the Data Protection Officer of SYNLAB Suomi:

We are happy to receive questions, comments and requests concerning this privacy policy and the processing of personal data.

1.7. Amendments

Any amendments made later to this data protection policy will be published on the www.lounalab.fi/en website, and you can also request the policy by contacting us.

Remember to check any amendments regularly.

Latest update: 28 April 2022. Added information on digital marketing. Some information clarified.

Previous updates: 4 June 2021