LounaLab service will close June 18th. As of today, products can no longer be purchased there.

All purchased appointments and test results are safe and are available here until the stated date, then transferred to the current SYNLAB service. For more details see the news or contact our representative.

Know your values

You are measurably valuable. To examine the values related to health and vitality is an excellent start on the path to seek your well-being. Measure the values related to your well-being and fulfil your aims.

Who we are

LOUNA is a laboratory examinations providing service that gives a complete view to your well-being. With help of our examinations you are able to make choices that support your well-being, vitality and balance. By following how your results evolve, you can be sure you’re doing well also in the future. In LOUNA’s test catalogue we have a lot of different options for different life situations and needs. You can either choose a single test or a comprehensive package according to your needs. You can always take tests without a doctor’s referral. You get your results easily and fast to My LOUNA service, where your results are stored as long as you want in order to help you on your journey to better well-being.

Measuring is worth it

LOUNA laboratory examinations give you important information regarding your health and if some changes are needed. Measure your blood values if something puzzles you or if you want to proactively make sure that your vitality will remain. By changing your lifestyle, you may prevent diseases and disorders in the future. LOUNA doesn’t include individual interpretation by a doctor not a diagnosis. If you have symptoms or you’re suspecting a disease, you should contact a doctor.

Why it's worth it?

Measures and supports your well-being

Be proactive and take care of your health

Choose from wide selection

Choose from the packages or make your own test set

Without Referral

You do not need referral for laboratory

Easy, Fast & Comprehensive

My LOUNA gives you clear results

Always near

With over 20 clinics across Finland

Reliable service provider

We keep your data safe