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Thyroglobulin, antibodies

S -TyglAb

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The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, in front of the trachea. It primarily produces thyroid hormones, namely thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), to regulate the speed of energy consumption. The secretion of hormones is regulated by TSH or thyroid-stimulating hormone. Thyroglobulin is a precursor and store of thyroid hormones (T3V and T4V) that is only found in the thyroid.

The thyroid produces hormones that regulate our metabolism. Sometimes, the immune system produces antibodies, such as thyroglobulin antibodies or TyglAb. They are produced when the thyroid disintegrates and some of the thyroglobulin is secreted into the bloodstream.

When should TyglAb be measured?

Thyroglobulin antibodies are usually measured when examining thyroid disorders and monitoring thyroid cancer.

What does the TyglAb test measure?

The thyroglobulin antibody test indicates whether the immune system has produced thyroglobulin antibodies in the blood.

Normally, the result is:

Reference values:

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The reference values of this examination have changed 11.10.2021. You will find your own result's reference values from My LOUNA in touch with the graph. Read more about defining reference values.

Please contact your physician or other healthcare professional if you suspect an illness or need help interpreting the results.

Thyroglobulin antibodies are produced in connection with thyroid cancer or thyroid surgery. If a person suffering from thyroid cancer has thyroglobulin antibodies, this may disrupt the testing of thyroglobulin levels (Tygl).

The value cannot be decreased. The body does not normally produce TyglAb.

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Fasting is not required

This examination does not require fasting