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Vitamin D and Ferritin Values

The Vitamin D and Ferritin Values package contains measurements of both vitamin D and ferritin levels, which affect the well-being of your body. This package enables you to make any necessary changes, for example, in your diet. Take care of yourself by checking your important blood counts regularly.

The LOUNA Vitamin D and Ferritin Values package is a set of two important health levels. The vitamin D counts reveal any potential deficiency of this vital vitamin, as well as any disorders in your calcium metabolism. Vitamin D is necessary for nearly all tissue, as well as for the absorption of phosphate and calcium from the digestive tract. Vitamin D counts usually drop during the autumn and winter.

The measurement of so-called storage iron, ferritin, is recommended when iron deficiency anaemia is suspected. The symptoms of anaemia include lack of strength, paleness, headache, humming in the ears, elevated heart rate, the tendency to get out of breath more frequently, and fatigue.

By measuring and regularly following up on your vitamin D and ferritin values, you will be motivated to look after your well-being, eat nutritiously, and feel well all year round.

Tests included


Vitamin D is essential to people. Almost all tissue needs it, in addition to which vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and phosphate.


Ferritin indicates the status of the iron reserves


Fasting is not required

This examination does not require fasting