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Trace Element Values

We constantly need trace elements in order to stay healthy and feel well. The LOUNA Trace Element Values package reveals whether you are getting enough magnesium or zinc in your diet. Ensure your body is not suffering from any deficiencies.

The LOUNA Trace Element Values package includes the results for five levels with one examination. It covers the most important trace elements in your body to help you assess their intake in your diet. Sufficient trace element intake from food is important because the body is unable to synthesise them itself. Strenuous exercise can also cause a drop in the level of certain trace elements.

Why are trace elements so important? They promote, for example, the function of the muscles, nervous system, and metabolism. For example, trace element deficiencies can indirectly lead to a decrease in blood iron levels and susceptibility to inflammation.

The LOUNA Trace Element Values package is ideal for both one-off and regular monitoring. If you also want to find out more about your vitamin counts, also recommend the related LOUNA Important Vitamin and Trace Element Values package here.

Tests included

Micro-nutrients and minerals

Ubiquinone, also known as coenzyme Q10, is present in almost all human tissue. It is crucial to the energy production of cells.

Copper is a trace element that plays a role in enzyme functions.

Selenium (Se) is an element that we get from food, and it is also an antioxidant.

Zinc (P-Zn) is a vitally important trace element. Most of our zinc is located inside the cells in muscles and bones.

Magnesium is needed in metabolic events.


Fasting is required

Paastoa vaativissa tutkimuksissa tulee olla syömättä ja juomatta 10–12 tuntia ennen verikoetta. Tarvittaessa tuona aikana voi juoda lasin vettä.

Paastoverikokeet suosittelemme otettavaksi kello 8–10 välisenä aikana. Lue muista suosituksista täältä.

Diabeetikot noudattavat lääkäriltä saamaansa ohjeistusta paaston suhteen.